Photo: Courtesy of MAN Energy Solutions

Factory LNG: MAN and Woodside join in on LNG technology

German engine manufacturer MAN Energy Solutions and Australian LNG company Woodside Energy have teamed up to form Factory LNG, a new solution for small to mid-scale LNG production.

Factory LNG: : MAN and Woodside join in on LNG technology
Courtesy of MAN Energy Solutions

The companies have signed a cooperation agreement aimed at commercializing small-to-mid scale LNG production.

The technology is named Factory LNG. It combines Woodside’s LNG experience with MAN’s global manufacturing and project execution expertise.

Factory LNG involves a nominal 0.05 million tons per annum (mpta) unit. It also includes MAN’s HOFIM integrated motor compressor technology. Moreover, you can transport the unit with standard heavy-lift shipping and trucking logistics.

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The partners believe the newly developed infrastructure has the potential to unlock liquefaction capabilities at multiple locations around the globe.

Most importantly, the system can be scalable. Therefore, the customers can increase the number of Factory LNG units used as the market grows, delivering LNG at pace with demand.

The parties also see the Factory LNG system as bringing the potential for green fuel production by coupling it with synthetic methane units or biogas production.