Photo: Courtesy of Thun Tankers

Ferus Smit launches Thun Tankers’ LNG-fueled chemical tanker

Dutch shipbuilder Ferus Smit has launched the latest LNG-fueled oil/chemical tanker being built for the Swedish shipper Thun Tankers.

Ferus Smit launches Thun Tankers' LNG-fueled chemical tanker
Courtesy of Thun Tankers

The Nb. 451, named Thun Equality is the third ship in the E-Class series being built for Thun Tankers.

The shipyard noted that the new tanker will be fueled by LNG, with a pressurized tank installed on the tank deck.

The ship will measure 7999-dwt and a total of 9540 cubic meters of volume in nine coated cargo tanks, suited for MARPOL and IMO type II chemical cargoes.

The vessel features a length of 115 meters and breadth of 15.87 meters, Ice Class 1A FS, and will be able to operate in the Baltic full year round.

It will also feature a Wartsila 6L34DF main engine capable of operating on liquefied natural gas and gas oil.

The E-class vessels are a further development of Erik Thun Group’s existing fleet.

Two out of four product tankers, powered by gas, have been delivered so far, the Thun Eos and Thun Evolve.

Thun Tankers added that the two additional vessels in the series will be delivered during 2021.