FICEP beveling machine series ENERGY serving SIF’s XXXL monopile production lines

The CNC beveling machine of Italian specialist FICEP will be integrated into PEMA production automation solutions in the new production site of the Dutch offshore wind monopile foundation manufacturer SIF Holding

The world’s largest monopiles foundation manufacturing plant is expected to be ready at full-capacity production by the end of 2024 in Maasvlakte, Netherlands.

An industrial facility destined to attest the productive potential on new levels (200 monopiles per year) in the offshore wind energy sector so as to answer to a growing demand.

To achieve this target 3 plates processing lines will be installed and the FICEP machine ENERGY is one of the key machines, since the beveling and the marking of joined plates to produce cylindrical and conical cans up to 11.5 m in diameter and 160 mm in thickness are requested. This requires unparalleled precision and efficiency that only a milling machine can provide.

For this application, FICEP has re-engineered its ENERGY machine by introducing exclusive and innovative solutions to ensure higher performances (machining speeds, chips removal, precision and quality) together with low maintenance and running costs.

The delivery includes FICEP beveling machine for XXXL monopiles foundation manufacturing and extensive service agreement.

For more information on FICEP ENERGY you can visit FICEP website here.

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