Finnish Union Boycotts Unifeeder’s Vessels

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European short sea operator Unifeeder said that two of its vessels are being boycotted in Finish ports.

The company said that the boycott is performed by the Finnish Transport Workers union AKT, claiming to be acting in sympathy with and upon request from the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF).

The boycotted vessels are MV ‘Calisto’ in the port of Rauma and the MV ‘Charlotta B’ in Kotka.

“As we understand it, the boycotts are not specifically aimed at these two vessels but is an industry action. We do not at this point in time know the duration of the boycott, nor whether other vessels will be targeted for action, but we, unfortunately, expect it to result in delays,” the company said.

The specific reason of the boycott has not been disclosed.

The company added that it would monitor the situation closely and will endeavor to “minimize the effect on our customers’ business.”

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