Fjellstrand Delivers Wind Farm Trio, Fourth on the Way

Fjellstrand Delivers Wind Farm Trio, Fourth on the Way

Norwegian shipyard Fjellstrand has delivered three 25 meter-long wind farm vessels out of six ordered by Denmark’s World Marine Offshore (WMO). As confirmed by Fjellstrand, the fourth vessel will follow by the end of September, whereas the two 30-meter vessels will be delivered in May and June 2014 respectively.

All six vessels will enter services in 2013 for major wind farm operators. World Marine Offshore has also secured several optional vessels, resulting in a significant order for Fjellstrand AS.

With a dynamic growth of the offshore wind industry, Fjellstrand has made a solid entry to the market with the construction of the said vessels. With support from the Carbon Trust, Fjellstrand has developed a new concept, the “WindServer”, for the transportation of technicians and components to the wind mills. The new WindServer trimaran SWATH design introduces a new level in sea-keeping performance and transport efficiency.

The aluminium hulls, 25 metres and 30 metres in length, carrying 12 and 24 service personnel respectively, will have a service speed of 25 knots. Four engine installations powering two controllable pitch propellers ensure redundancy and flexibility to the operation. The vessels will be equipped with ballasting systems to shift between rough weather SWATH mode and light weight transit mode. This, in combination with an integrated stabilizing foil, ensures a robust hull with low maintenance costs.

“The foil will have no moving parts”, says naval architect Olav Kjetil Opheim who has been managing the WindServer project from its conception. “Extensive model tank testing proves that this innovative hull ensures exceptional sea-keeping at both zero and high speeds.”

In 2011, the Fjellstrand WindServer was announced as one of 13 shortlisted concepts (from a total of 450 entries) of the Carbon Trust Offshore Wind Accelerator (OWA) access competition. The competition aimed to identify and develop new access systems to dramatically improve the availability of turbines and the safety of people during the transfer to turbines.

The combination of the Carbon Trust support and the significant operational experience from the team at World Marine Offshore has given Fjellstrand a unique insight into the challenges faced by the vessel operators.

Press Release, September 18, 2013