Flowline Specialists wraps up SURF project in Middle East

The Dubai subsidiary of Scottish energy industry equipment manufacturer and service provider Flowline Specialists has recently completed work on a “major” subsea umbilical, riser, and flexible (SURF) lay project in the Middle East.

Flowline Specialists FZE said on Monday that the company was contracted to assist in laying various flexible flowlines, umbilicals, and cables from reels of varying size and weight as part of the project.

The Dubai business was established in 2015 by Flowline Specialists as part of its international growth strategy.

The company added that four pieces of equipment were included in the offshore project. Namely, this included a 300Te modular hub drive system, a 75Te shaft drive spooler, a 15Te twin-track tensioner, and a three-pair linear cable engine.

The 300Te hub drive was fitted with a rail system to allow multi-reel deployment, in turn increasing project efficiency.

Overall project planning and operations for the Middle East SURF project were managed from Flowline Specialists’ UAE office by group operations manager Graeme Chalmers, with support from the firm’s UK-based engineering and operations teams. Equipment for the nine-month project was mobilized from the firm’s UK and UAE bases.

Six technicians from Flowline Specialists were on-hand for the project’s duration to operate the equipment and assist with the overall product deployment.