FoundOcean completes work on Ayatsil-A jacket

FoundOcean, a construction grouting company from UK, has completed the grouting for the Ayatsil A drilling platform jacket. The jacket was constructed for the Mexican oil company PEMEX.

FoundOcean conducted this job as a subcontractor for McDermott, a company responsible for the installation of the facility at the Ayatsil field, in the Bay of Campeche, offshore Mexico.

According to McDermott, the jacket weighs 8,400 tons, and with a 3,400-ton deck and other platform components in waters 400 feet deep, the total weight of the facility is approximately 15,800 tons.

Project Manager for McDermott, Joaquin Vazquez, said that he was glad to see the grouting project progressing as planned.

He said: “FoundOcean were consistent in demonstrating their technical expertise, going the extra mile to ensure the project ran without delay”.

FoundOcean said it visited the fabrication yard in Tampico to inspect the jacket’s grout lines in order to avoid possible delays to the offshore installation schedule.

The Ayatsil field is the largest discovery for PEMEX to date and is expected to boost production for the country by 150,000 barrels of oil per day.