FPP Testing Wave PTO System of Its Wind-Wave Machine

Floating Power Plant (FPP) has commenced the testing of the power take-off (PTO) system of its wave energy converter at Aalborg University, FPP told our sister site MarineEnergy.biz.

The wave energy converter is part of FPP’s hybrid wind-wave energy platform, which is planned to be deployed off Scotland and Wales as part of projects being developed by DP Energy and FPP.

The Danish clean energy technology developer has repurposed the PTO system from its P37 prototype platform and housed it in a container alongside a hydraulic power unit which replicates the movement of the wave absorber. The Welsh and Scottish projects will feature FPP’s full-scale platform – the P80.

The tests are being conducted together with the partners Fritz Schur Energy and Aalborg University, with FPP also validating the wave absorber design, and simulation tools through a series of wave basin tests.

The results will be key in informing the design of the full-scale PTO system, which will then need to be tested prior to integration in the company’s first full-scale platform.