France: CGGVeritas Launches BroadSeis Solution for Marine Seismic

CGGVeritas announces the launch of BroadSeis, a new integrated service for high-resolution marine seismic.

BroadSeis is an innovative solution based on the deployment of specific configurations of Sentinel solid streamers combined with a new patented imaging technology designed to offer oil companies broadband seismic data, resulting in superior subsurface images.

BroadSeis capitalizes on the remarkable performance of the Sercel Sentinel solid streamer, particularly its extremely low noise characteristics and its ability to be deployed in configurations allowing the recording of an extra octave or more of low frequencies. Sentinel streamers are designed to record data while being towed at greater depths and are quieter than other streamers. When these Sentinel advantages are combined with innovative specific geometry configurations and our recently patented ground-breaking imaging technology, BroadSeis delivers a very high-quality signal recorded over a wide frequency bandwidth.

Robert Brunck, Chairman and CEO, CGGVeritas, said: “BroadSeis represents real progress when it comes to high-resolution imaging of reservoirs. BroadSeis mobilizes the full range of CGGVeritas technology to deliver more precise marine data with richer frequency content. This fully 3D solution is ideal for wide-azimuth acquisition as well as reservoir imaging and characterization in general. It is also immediately available on all CGGVeritas solid streamer vessels, which make up most of our fleet. BroadSeis creates remarkable images of the subsurface and represents a new technological advance in seismic imaging.”

About CGGVeritas

CGGVeritas is a leading international pure-play geophysical company delivering a wide range of technologies, services and equipment through Sercel, to its broad base of customers mainly throughout the global oil and gas industry.


Source: CGGVeritas, June 16, 2010: