France Requests Information on Its Floating Wind Energy Potential

France Requests Information on Its Floating Wind Energy Potential

A request for information from floating wind turbine makers was published online by the ecology, sustainable development and energy minister at the beginning of December. The aim is to define the technical and economic conditions for the development of this sector.

A pre-commercial deployment of a floating wind turbine in the medium term is one of the priorities of the new national committee for marine renewable energies, the CNEM (Comité national des énergies renouvables en mer). The first stage will be a study of the potential of the resource.

As anticipated in its strategic plan for floating turbines, the request for information invites industrial, energy and equipment companies, and any other interested parties, to suggest technical solutions and financial schema compatible with the proposed timetable for commercial tendering. In parallel, government officials have been tasked with finding the most suitable zones for siting the floating turbines.

Interested parties may respond briefly or fully to the request for information, and do so individually or in groups. Submissions in French will be preferred. The consultation will be non-binding, with no firm commitment required from either side.


Source: MRE Pays de la Loire , December 23, 2013; Image: dcnsgroup


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