Freighter Stuck off Iloilo

A cargo ship ran aground at the mouth of the Iloilo River on May 4, while en route to unload its cargo at Muelle Loney Pier, Iloilo City, the Philippine Coast Guard reports.

The MV SF Carrier was reportedly entering the Iloilo River when it was drifted by strong current and low tide to a shallow area.

The said incident was reported by the ship’s captain to the personnel of Coast Guard Station (CGS) Iloilo around 2:00 pm local time. Apparently, the vessel failed to move from its agrounding position despite the efforts of its master.

CGS Iloilo deployed a response team to conduct a visual inspection and to advise the captain to hire a motor tugboat to extract the ship from its position.

The Coast Guard found no signs of oil spill from the vessel and further advised the captain to file a marine protest and to secure a certificate of seaworthiness from Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) before resuming its trade.

MV SF Carrier, manned by 17 crew, was supposed to unload its cargo of 1,787 metric tons of soya beans in Muelle Loney Pier when the incident occurred.

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