FSP Secures Development Project Funding

Bergen-based Fjell Subsea Products (FSP) has received 5.2 million Norwegian Kroner in public funding. The project is also sponsored by Shell and is part of a 30 million Norwegian Kroner development project.

The grant pertains to ‘Qualification of a Unified and Modularized Flying Lead System’. The project is funded by Innovation Norway’s IFU programme and Skattefunn.

The development project aims to take forward and qualify a wide range of products. These products are designed with a much greater degree of standardisation and modular design, contributing to very competitive manufacturing costs.

“This project would not have been possible without support from Innovation Norway, whom we would like to thank,” says Kristian Karlsen, founder of FSP.

GCE Subsea provided assistance in establishing the successful applications. “It was very useful to get input and advice from people who are used to develop, write and review R&D project applications,” says Karlsen.

Source: GCE Subsea