FTAI Ocean’s Smart Tower System out of fabrication hall

FTAI Ocean’s new well intervention tower system has left the fabrication hall and loaded onto the test and shipping grillage in Teesside, UK.

The next step for the Smart Tower System (STS) is to undergo final assembly and testing ahead of shipment and installation on FTAI’s offshore construction vessel M/V Pride.

The UK offshore technology firm Osbit won a contract to design and build the well intervention tower system back in 2020.

The Smart Tower System is operational in water depths up to 1,500 meters in riser mode and 2,500 meters in riser-less mode. 

The system combines elements of modular technology and its vertical completion workover riser (CWOR) racking system reduces the need to access the intervention floor and to handle CWOR joints, FTAI said.

The STS will also feature Osbit’s Integrated Logistics Support (OILS) control system technology.

In March, FTAI Ocean formed an exclusive alliance with oilfield service company Expro Group for the supply of M/V Pride, which also covers the offering of the new tower system.