FueLNG Venosa, Singapore’s 2nd LNG bunker ship, in 1st LNG bunkering op

FueLNG Venosa, Singapore’s second LNG bunker vessel, has completed its first bunkering operations with Eastern Pacific Shipping’s 210,000 dwt bulker Mount Tai.

As informed, the event also marked a milestone for Eastern Pacific Shipping, since the bunkering is 100th LNG bunkering operation in Singapore.

Eastern Pacific Shipping

Like all EPS-managed LNG dual fuel vessels, Mount Tai, which is chartered on consecutive voyages with BHP, is equipped with ME-GI two-stroke engines that have negligible levels of methane slip.

The vessel will be a part of EPS’ low-carbon emission fleet, transporting iron ore along the green corridor from West Australia to Northeast Asia.

“Working with like-minded customers like EPS is crucial in accelerating the energy transition. Shipping companies can meet decarbonisation targets until around 2030 to 2035, just by switching to fossil LNG. Their progress toward net zero will be further improved when bio-LNG and ultimately renewable synthetic LNG are available for blending,” Tahir Faruqui head of ShelldownstreamLNG said.

Meanwhile, FueLNG Venossa recently finished its inaugural LNG loading operations through ship-to-ship (STS) transfer.

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FueLNG christened its newest LNG bunker vessel FueLNG Venosa at a ceremony held at Hyundai Mipo Dockyard in Ulsan, South Korea last month.

Chartered from Korea Line LNG, the LNG bunker vessel has a total capacity of 18,000 cbm and is expected to bring significant economies of scale.

The ship is designed to facilitate safe and quick turnaround of vessels carrying out simultaneous cargo handling and bunkering operations; and is capable of bunkering different types of LNG fuel tanks.

Besides bunkering operations, FueLNG Venosa will provide gas-up and cool-down services to LNG carriers and LNG-fueled vessels after dry docking in Singapore or en route to loading operations.

“Combining Singapore’s strategic location and supportive infrastructure with our expertise and partnerships, we are working towards making Singapore a prominent LNG bunkering hub,” FueLNG highlighted.