Funding for RI Coastal Management Announced

U.S. Senators Jack Reed and Sheldon Whitehouse yesterday announced over $1.35 million in federal funding through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) National Coastal Zone Management Program to provide continued assistance to preserve the Rhode Island’s natural coastline. 

The Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC) will receive $1,352,000 to help administer Rhode Island’s Coastal Management Program.

The National Coastal Zone Management Program is a voluntary federal-state partnership that protects, restores, and responsibly develops the nation’s coastal communities and resources.

NOAAs investment of $1,352,000 will be matched by $1,263,880 in state funds. Together, the money will support jobs and provide continued assistance in balancing economic development, coastal uses and natural resource protection.

The CRMC works to preserve, protect, develop, and where possible restore, coastal areas of the state. The funding announced yesterday will assist CRMC’s work to address many important coastal issues in Rhode Island including: coastal hazards, climate change and ocean management.

The award is expected to support CRMC’s engagement with local and state staff to help plan for sea level rise and storm surge and improve resilience to coastal hazards.

The funding will also support ongoing coastal permitting, planning, policy, public outreach, habitat restoration and harbor management. Other uses for the award include support for a major review of the Rhode Island Shoreline Change Special Area Management Plan (Beach SAMP) to comprehensively manage the state’s ocean uses and resources.

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