Fure Vinga bunkers LNG in Port of Cartagena

Fure Vinga bunkera LNG in Port of Cartagena
Image courtesy of BBG

Hamburg-based Nauticor, a unit of Linde, in cooperation with the Spanish utility company, Naturgy, bunkered liquefied natural gas to the Furetank’s Fure Vinga in the Port of Cartagena. 

Fure Vinga, the second LNG-fueled vessel in the company’s fleet, received 120 tons of the chilled fuel from six tanker trucks, Bahía de Bizkaia Gas (BBG)

The 149.9 meters-long Fur Vinga, built by China’s Avic Dingheng Shipbuilding was delivered last year to Furetank.

It was also the first in a series of six LNG-fueled vessels ordered by the partners in the Swedish Gothia Tanker Alliance, Furetank, Älvtank and Erik Thun.