FURUNO Increases Its Stake in ENL

ENL Group and FURUNO Electric Co. Ltd of Japan have announced that FURUNO has increased its investment into the New Zealand company to a total of 29.5%.

The new level of investment is an increase from the initial 10% announced in July 2014.

ENL manufactures WASSP multibeam sonar system, which produces 3D topographic imagery of the seafloor and associated fish detection.

The collaborative partnership will see ENL continue to work closely with the FURUNO Product Planning Division on specialist projects, the company said.

ENL Group Managing Director Gareth Hodson said: “FURUNO’s financial investment in ENL will strengthen our position in the New Zealand and South Pacific sector with the FURUNO brand, together with numerous opportunities to expand our R&D and global export business from New Zealand.”

FURUNO Electric Co. Ltd Managing Director Muneyuki Koike commented: “ENL’s multibeam technology will be an essential element in our product portfolio and we will leverage the technology for all kinds of maritime customers from professional fishermen to recreational boaters. This is a natural step for us due to the synergy between the two companies which has been cultivated throughout the decades.”

After establishing a role of WASSP Sales Manager in Europe to support EU customer base this year, ENL will continue to focus on international market growth in all sectors through various channels to market, the company said in a press release.

“A key focus for WASSP over the next 12 months is to increase our presence in South America, Indonesia, and Asia regions,” said Hodson.

“In addition to new market focus, with our very cost effective WASSP Model WMB-3250 which meets the International Hydrographic Office Standard 1a for Survey and Mapping & Dredging Applications, we will look to grow our business in this segment alongside commercial fishing.”