Photo: Courtesy of Future Proof Shipping

Future Proof Shipping to retrofit two more vessels to run on hydrogen

Dutch marine transportation service provider Future Proof Shipping has recently acquired two more container vessels to retrofit them with zero-emissions hydrogen propulsion system.

Future Proof Shipping to retrofit two more vessels to run on hydrogen
Courtesy of Future Proof Shipping

Therefore,  FPS Rijn and FPS Waal will join FPS Maas on the same journey to become zero-emissions vessels.

Previously, FPS replaced the existing internal combustion engines with hydrogen fuel cell technology on its vessel Maas. The retrofit process also included removing both the main engine and gearbox and installing a new modular propulsion system.

This will be used as a reference for other similar inland container vessels, the company said.

The 110-metre vessel recently received a recommendation from Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine (CCNR) to use hydrogen.

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The company says this development fits with its overall plan to convert as many vessels as we can to zero emissions as soon as possible.

CEO Richard Klatten stressed: “Our fleet is already available for charter and cargo owners/shippers can even book now to ship their cargo in zero-emissions container slots along the Rhine starting in 2023. The sustainable inland shipping landscape is beginning to look a lot greener for everyone!”

Above all, the company wants to make hydrogen-based shipping technically and commercially viable.

Future Proof Shipping is opening up zero-emission container slots and making zero-emissions shipping accessible to everyone. It wants to assure its customers that their cargo will be shipped with zero emissions.