FutureOn digital twin software backs Aker BP’s subsea activities

Aker BP has awarded FutureOn with a contract for its digital twin software with the aim of digitizing workflows within concept development and field development studies.


Aker BP will use the software to visualize subsea data, map the design of digital twin fields, and foster greater digital collaboration across engineering and project management disciplines during the subsea field development stage.

“We are pleased to secure this significant contract with Aker BP, and that FutureOn is able to support the operator’s continued drive for increased digitalization,” said Paal Roppen, CEO of FutureOn.

“The impact of our applications is transformational, and will provide a working blueprint for the field development where design changes are instantly reflected across the entire project workscope, updates are communicated across the globe in real-time to all involved parties, which will ultimately minimize mistakes and control risk.”

FutureOn launched its FieldTwin digital twin software back in 2019. The technology provides a visual representation of the entire life cycle of a field by creating and maintaining a digital twin which is an exact digital copy of a company’s physical asset.