Gallery: PolyGen’s Volta wave energy device

PolyGen, a UK-based wave energy developer, has recently installed a full-scale Volta wave energy device at FaBTest, off Falmouth.

According to PolyGen, it is the the first wave energy converter to be built almost entirely from high-density polyethylene.

The full-scale device floats on the surface of the water and utilises multiple flaps to absorb wave energy to convert it into hydraulic power.

The power is generated from each of the flaps working against each other, rather than a fixed attachment to the seabed.

It also has a range of sensors onboard allowing Polygen to measure performance, understand how the device operates in water and control hydraulic systems onboard depending upon changing sea conditions.

The device will continue tests at wave energy test site FaBTest, located in Falmouth Bay, over the coming year.

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Images: PolyGen