Gasum to supply Preem-chartered vessels with LNG-LBG blend

Image courtesy of Gasum

The Nordic energy company Gasum has signed a deal with Sweden’s largest fuel company Preem for the supply of a new fuel blend consisting of LNG and LBG.

Gasum noted in its statement it will supply Preem’s tankers with a new fuel blend consisting of liquefied natural gas and 10 percent of renewable liquefied biogas.

This is the first agreement that involves Gasum delivering a blend containing renewable fuel to a maritime customer on a regular basis, a deal that would contribute to lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Preem’s vessels supplied with Gasum’s blend of renewable maritime fuel are the time-chartered tankers Tern Ocean and Thun Evolve.

Using liquefied natural gas as maritime fuel reduces emissions significantly compared to conventional fuel, such as heavy fuel oil. By using 100 percent renewable liquefied biogas, the emissions of greenhouse gas will be reduced even further. LBG reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 85 percent when compared to fossil fuels.

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