Photo: Courtesy of Gazprom

Gazprom forms joint venture for Yamal field

Russian gas company Gazprom has formed a new joint venture with private Russian partner RusGazDobycha to develop the Tambeyskoye field in the Yamal peninsula.

Gazprom forms joint venture for Yamal field
Courtesy of Gazprom

Gazprom Nedra and RusGazDobycha established the new joint venture called Gazprom Dobycha Tambey. Thus, Gazprom Nedra will hand over the subsurface use licenses for the areas to the JV in 2022.

The joint venture will specifically develop the Tambeyskoye field in the Yamal Peninsula. The field will subsequently start producing gas in 2026.

Furthermore, the field is located within three Gazprom Nedra blocks. These include Severo-Tambeysky, Zapadno-Tambeysky, and Tasiysky.

Gas in Tambeyskoye contains ethane in height amounts. This is why the field, in addition to the fields of the Nadym-Pur-Taz region, will become the resource base for the complex for processing ethane-containing gas (CPECG) near the settlement of Ust-Luga in the Leningrad Region.

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CPEC is the only cluster of this kind, combining capacities for gas processing, and natural gas liquefaction. Its construction started in May 2021.

The CPECG will consist of two major enterprises. The first of them is the integrated complex for natural gas processing and liquefaction (the Gas Processing Complex, or the GPC of CPECG). The second one is the gas chemical complex technically affiliated with the GPC (the GCC of CPECG).