Gazprom Strengthens Position in International NGV Markets


Gazprom Strengthens Position in International NGV Markets

The Gazprom Management Committee took notice of the information about the company’s efforts aimed at expanding natural gas use as a vehicle fuel abroad.

The meeting noted that the main advantages of natural gas as a fuel were its environmental friendliness, economic efficiency, reliability and producibility.

So, as of today, natural gas is the most environmentally friendly among all widely used vehicle fuels. Car conversions from petrol to gas make it possible to reduce air emissions approximately five times. Therefore, the use of natural gas in vehicles fully meets the aspirations of many countries worldwide, and especially in the European Union, to mitigate adverse environmental impacts.

Natural gas is an economically attractive alternative to conventional petroleum fuels. In the target markets the existing compressed natural gas (CNG) price is approximately 40 per cent lower than the price of petrol and diesel (per unit of energy equivalent). Several European countries have legally approved a complex of financial and tax measures in relation to the natural gas vehicles (NGV) fuel, favoring the development of this segment.

LNG World News Staff, December 16, 2013; Image: Gazprom


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