GE turbines ordered for gas-fired power plant in Iraq

GE said it has received an order from Mass Global Investment Company to provide gas turbines for a new 3-gigawatt power plant in Bismayah, near Baghdad.

The Bismayah plant will support Baghdad and Bismayah and be able to generate the equivalent power needed to supply more than 5 million Iraqi households, GE said in a statement.

According to the Iraq Energy Outlook by International Energy Agency, Iraq needs to boost its power generation capacity by nearly 70 percent to meet its needs, while over 70 GW of additional installed capacity is needed by 2035, with a focus on moving away from the traditional oil-fired power mix to more efficient gas-fired generation.

The gas-fired Bismayah plant helps meets the larger development goals of the country with GE to supply eight units of its 9F.03 gas turbines.

The project will be developed in two phases, consisting of two blocks of 1,500 megawatts each.

Mass Global Investment Company has signed the EPC contract for the project with ENKA and is currently finalizing the plans for the second phase.