Geoquip’s GMR302 Supports Normand Baltic Work in Taiwan

Geoquip Marine’s GMR302 drill rig has supported Solstad’s Normand Baltic in the offshore geotechnical investigation for the renewable energy sector in Taiwan.

The system was mobilized onto the Normand Baltic, and assisted with the completion of the geotechnical campaign.

The scope of work comprised PCPT, SPCPT and high quality undisturbed sampling in boreholes over 115m deep.

The data will enable optimized foundation design for the wind farm development, Geoquip noted.

The GMR302 rig is suitable for drilling, coring, sampling and testing in all soil conditions in shallow waters.  The rig operates with 5½” or 6⅝” API drill string and can reach combined water and borehole drilling depths down to 360m.

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