German pair to expand LNG stations network

Liqvis, a Uniper company, and Echo Tankstellen have joined forces to expand the LNG filling station network in Germany.

Selected sites operated by Echo (Esso) are under initial consideration for this purpose. Subject to approval by the regulatory authorities, the first joint site set to be realized will be the Esso truck stop in Seligweiler near Ulm, which is operated by Hotel & Rasthaus Seligweiler, Uniper said in a statement.

A joint project group will then discuss where to build further LNG filling stations and assess the feasibility of these sites before applying to the authorities and implementing them.

The companies aim to establish LNG on the market as an alternative fuel for heavy goods vehicles and to help develop the associated infrastructure into a closed network, the statement reads.

The Echo network currently comprises around 1000 filling stations operating under the brand name Esso.

Liqvis is expected to have six sites where trucks can refuel with LNG by the end of 2020: Berlin Grünheide (already open), Kassel-Lohfelden, Rosengarten/Hamburg, Langenhagen/Hannover, Bönen, and Calais in northern France.

The Ulm Seligweiler filling station that is currently being planned together with Echo will be added in 2021.

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