Germany: Keel Laying Ceremony for Arctic Cargo Vessel

Germany - Keel Laying Ceremony for Arctic Cargo Vessel

P+S WERFTEN GmbH recently announced that the third of five vessels was laid on its keel following the ceremonial commencement of construction – the cut of the first steel plate for ship Type ACV 36 with construction No. 2103 – the first section for the construction of No. 2102 Type ACV 108.

In accordance with their future tasks all 5 vessels have a high ice class and are able to transport an above average amount of refrigerated containers and are equipped with deck cranes. Ship hulls, engines and equipment are designed for operation at ambient temperatures of between minus 35 and 36° C.

The choice of diesel-mechanic propulsion systems as well as the steering systems, the high degree of automation and the high-performance power generating facilities allow a high degree of flexibility and autonomy at the deployment of the vessels.

Source: pus-werften, May 30, 2012