GL Academy Hellas on Ship to Ship Transfer

GL Academy Hellas on Ship to Ship Transfer

On 2, 3 and 4 December, 2013 a special workshop on Ship to Ship transfer (STS) operations was organized by GL Academy Hellas in cooperation with the Laboratory of Maritime Transport of NTUA and DNV Academy, at the Metropolitan Hotel in Athens.

The “Workshop on Ship to Ship (STS) transfer of crude oil and oil products: Overview and operational aspects” was attended by various shipping companies and representatives of the Ministry of Mercantile Marine.

Following the welcoming of the participants by Dr. Marina Papaioannou, GL Academy Area Manager, Southern Europe, Dr Stelios Perissakis, Director of Dynamarine, presented an overview on STS Operations.

Neil Wilson, Operations Manager of Fendercare Marine, gave in depth guideline on STS operations and equipment used as well as a short presentation of Fendercare’s activities.

Dr. Vassilios Mamaloukas Frangoulis, of Environmental Protection Engineering SA, presented the equipment needed in case of emergency and what should be available in order to handle an incident or accident related to STS operations.

Dimitris Stavrou of the Laboratory of Maritime Transport of NTUA, talked about the international legal framework that governs STS operations. He also gave a historical overview of the setting up of this legislation and some idea of what is to be expected in the future.

Commander Alexander Lagouros, Director of the Directorate for the Protection of the Marine Environment, Ministry of Mercantile Marine and the Aegean, in his statement talked about the status of STS operations in Greece as well as the current and upcoming legal framework.

Captain Malcolm MacKenzie discussed in detail the role of the Master as well as the importance of the cooperation between the Masters of the two vessels involved in the operation and the POAC (Person in Overall Advisory Control).

Captain George Mills, Marine BDM and STS Superintendent of Fendercare, elaborated on the role of the POAC.

All speakers of the first day noted the advisory role of the POAC but stressed that the overall responsibility of the operations remains with the Master.

During the second day, John Anastassiadis, of DNV’s Plan Approval department, talked about the involvement of Class in STS operations and the STS Plan and its approval.

Dimitris Stavrou, talked about safety and risk and gave an in depth analysis of the risk assessment techniques both in general and particularly in STS operations.

George Lykos, of the Laboratory of Maritime Transport of NTUA, discussed the important element of the human factor and soft skills in connection to the STS operations. In particular he stressed the importance of fatigue, readiness, familiarization, communication etc in the successful outcome of the STS operations.

Aggelos Grammateas, Lieutenant Commander of the HCG, discussed a particular example of STS transfer off the coast of Elefsis.

During the last day, Captain MacKenzie, discussed a large number of STS operations case studies related to incidents or accidents.

The Workshop was concluded with Tim Davis, Claims Executive and Simon Rapley, Associate, Loss Prevention from the West of England P&I Cub who presented the involvement of P&I in STS related claims and gave examples and clarifications on the involvement of other insurances.

“GL Academy Hellas wishes to thank all speakers for their lively presentations and in particular Fendercare and West of England speakers who travelled from abroad to participate as well as the participants for their active presence,” GL Academy Hellas said in press release.

GL Academy Hellas, December 11, 2013

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