Gladstone Marina Dredging on the Way

Image source: GPC

Gladstone Ports Corporation (GPC) has just announced that there will be a bit more action in the Gladstone Marina than normal in the coming months.

GPC will be undertaking essential maintenance works in the Gladstone Marina throughout May, including maintenance dredging and pile replacements.

Maintenance dredging is undertaken in the marina every five years to remove the build-up of sediment and allow vessels to load, manoeuvre and pass through the marina safely and efficiently.

The project will be delivered under stringent environmental guidelines to ensure that the dredging activities are managed in an environmentally responsible manner.

Piling works will be undertaken along the AB row at the marina, which may generate some noise sporadically for short periods, said GPC.

Dredging is expected to be underway by Saturday, 23 May, and continue for approximately 50 days.