Global Marine Installs Subsea Cable in Sea of Okhotsk

Global Marine Systems Limited has announced a fibre optic installation project for Huawei Marine Networks (HMN) in the Sea of Okhotsk, Russia.

The project will demand 200 days of in-situ vessel time to lay 1,844 km of repeatered cable between strategic locations, the company informed.

HMN’s customer, Rostelcom, requires a fibre optic telecommunications link from Magadan, the gateway to the Kolymer region at the northern end of the Okhotsk Sea, running south to Ohka at the northern point of Sakhalin Island, then east to the Kamkatcha Peninsula.

Global Marine’s Cable Innovator vessel will be deployed on the project for nearly six months, the project started in May 2015 with the cable load. Cable Innovator is a multi-role vessel with DPS-2 capability.

The Rostelcom project requires some 1,844km of repeatered cable, with the entire system to be ploughburied in places to a water depth of 1,760m. The systems utilises HMN’s R1 repeater technology and NSW’s submarine fibre optic cable.

“We are extremely pleased that our services have been selected for this prestigious project, which requires significant skill in terms of the cable protection requirements, and we very much look forward to working with our joint venture partner, HMN,” says Andy Lloyd, Director, Installation at Global Marine. “Based on Global Marine’s renowned expertise in the installation and maintenance of subsea systems and HMN’s optical network leadership, the project is assured of success.”

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