Global Marine wins SING cable desk top study

Subsea fibre optic cable installation and maintenance player Global Marine has won the Desk Top Study (DTS) for the Singapore India Gateway (SING) cable system.

Global Marine

The 9,000-kilometre SING cable, with landing points in Singapore and India, will also have branches to Thailand, Indonesia and Oman.

The desk-based portion of the cable route study has already wrapped up and site visits will begin, when Covid-19 restrictions begin to ease further.

Global Marine’s DTS utilises bathymetry, geology, currents, weather, seismology, tides, permits and reviews of other seabed users to detail all the influences on cable route safety and provide sound engineering solutions for the environment encountered.

The study also identifies possible sources of risk to the cable, and the extent of that risk, including an analysis of faults on existing systems nearby.

Bruce Neilson-Watts, managing director of Global Marine, said:

“With wide-ranging experience in and around Asia and the Middle East, including the key landing points in India, Indonesia and Oman for both DTS and cable installation and repair works, Global Marine are well placed to complete this project for the Purchasers.”

Neilson-Watts continued, “We understand the importance of increased and reliable connectivity around the world, something that has been particularly highlighted in recent months. Our in-house knowledge and track record of Desk Top Studies for systems such as this means we have the flexibility and agility to structure the work around the current economic climate as effectively as possible.”

A representative of the Purchasers said, “We have every confidence in Global Marine to deliver a comprehensive DTS that will inform the successful planning, installation and ongoing operation and integrity of the system.”