Global Maritime Performs FEED for Offshore Based Fish Farm in Norway

Global Maritime has performed the technical design and engineering (FEED) of an offshore based fish farm for Ocean Farming AS in Norway, a subsidiary of the SalMar Group. The new design combines the best of existing technology and solutions from the Norwegian fish farming industry and the offshore oil and gas sector.

Global Maritime Performs FEED for Offshore Based Fish Farm in Norway

The facility is a permanently moored semi-submersible structure with favourable motion characteristics, suitable for operation in exposed locations with water depths between 100 to 300 meters, where the aqua biological conditions are more ideal for aquaculture on “the fish’s terms”. The project is based on proven technology developed for optimal fish farming.

According to Ocean Farming AS, this is a great example of combining Global Maritime’s expertise from the oil and gas sector, with their own, within fish farming. Also Global Maritime’s project manager views the cooperative nature of the project as a key benefit: “The concept has been developed with Ocean Farming, and we have applied established regulations, design principles and methods from our rig design portfolio, in a new field of operation.

Feasibility studies started in 2012. During spring 2013, Ocean Farming presented a conceptual solution that is suitable for installation and operation in exposed ocean (offshore) areas. The facility combines construction and streamlined/automated operations to create competitive production costs. Ocean Farming has received grants from Innovation Norway to develop this project.

A basin model test has been performed by MARINTEK (Sintef), which confirms suitable performance of the facility during harsh weather conditions, as documented in the design by Global Maritime.

Global Maritime, March 10, 2014