Government’s review scrutinizes Queensland’s CSG industry growth

The review of the socioeconomic impacts of coal seam gas in Queensland, released by the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, examines the growth of the state’s CSG industry, including changes to economic outcomes as well as other factors which influence wellbeing.

“Like many other mining and resource developments, CSG is leading to increases in employment, income, output, consumption and government revenue,” the Department’s Chief Economist Mark Cully said.

He added that CSG differs from other resource development because of its broad geographic distribution and rapid development.

“This increases the need for early and genuine engagement with landholders to achieve successful coexistence. The geographic distribution means costs and benefits are also spread widely, with over 5,000 compensation agreements agreed with local landholders to date,” Cully said.

The report acknowledges community concerns about potential environmental impacts, particularly with respect to water. However, it shows that effective, risk-based regulation of these factors has ensured that actual impacts have been negligible.

Cully stressed that governments, communities and CSG companies should advance their efforts on ensuring community wellbeing as the industry moves from a construction to an operational phase in Queensland.


Image: Santos GLNG