Greece: Star Bulk Contributes to Policy Making for Shipping Emissions

 Greece Star Bulk Contributes to Policy Making for Shipping Emissions

Star Bulk Carriers Corp. yesterday announced that Star Bulk was invited to share its views and experience with regard to monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) system at a stakeholder meeting organized by the European Commission in Brussels on the 5th of December.

More specifically, following the announcement by the two Commissioners, Hedegaard and Kallas, concerning the introduction of Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) legislation in early 2013, the European Commission organized a stakeholder meeting with the aim of getting feedback from the industry on the design and implementation of the MRV system. As a result, all major international shipping associations, global shipping companies and representatives fromEuropean governments came together to discuss policy and technical issues relating to a MRV system.

This proposed legislation will form the basis for any future regulatory approach for the reduction of carbon emissions from shipping. Having recently been awarded the first certificate from the Carbon Positive Programme which is based on a MRV system, Star Bulk, outlined the implementation challenges along with the environmental and commercial benefits of applying such a system.

Mr. Mantalos, Technical Manager of Star Bulk, commented: “The MRV system should be developed in a simple, workable way without creating operating burdens in the shipping companies and crew. Star Bulk is honored for our participation to the EU meeting in order to share our views and experience with the MRV system. We believe that our efforts to manage fleet carbon emissions voluntarily and to stay ahead of regulation benefits our operations and gives an added value to our services”.

Press Release, December 19, 2012