Greece’s Spring Marine picks SulNOx tech to cut CO2 emissions

Greek shipowner Spring Marine has selected UK tech provider SulNOx to supply its products to cut fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

Illustration; Credit: SulNOx Group

Spring Marine operates a fleet tankers and bulk carriers and represents SulNOx’s latest client in the globally important, and Greek maritime sector. The initial order is for approximately $45.000.

At Spring, we make a point of having a constant commitment to adopting the latest technologies to minimise fossil fuel consumption and reduce the environmental impact of our business. Our vision includes adopting innovative green tech solutions like SulNOx for the continuous, incremental improvements required of our vessels to meet regulatory expectations and improve the service we offer our customers.,” George Chondronikolas, General Manager of Spring Marine commented.

We are extremely impressed by the forward-thinking management and technical teams at Spring. They instantly understood our unique, green chemistry and how the adoption of the SulNOx products will reduce fuel costs along with the CO2 reductions demanded by the imminent Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) regulatory requirements,” Ben Richardson of SulNOx added.

Also, looking beyond existing regulation, how SulNOx’s huge impact in reducing particulate matter, (black carbon emissions – acknowledged as being 3,200 times more potent in their contribution to climate change than CO2) is a key indicator of improved combustion and therein reduced fuel consumption demonstrated on other vessels.”