Greenland: PARAT Halvorsen to Outfit M/Tr. Polar Qaasiut with Retrofit Steam Boiler

PARAT Halvorsen to Deliver Combined Boiler to Polar Seafood

PARAT Halvorsen AS has been assigned a contract to deliver a retrofit steam boiler to Polar Seafood Greenland and one of their trawlers, the M/Tr. Polar Qaasiut.

The boiler is a combined oil-fired and exhaust gas boiler, type MCS, complying with steam production for the trawlers fishmeal and fish factory. The retrofit boiler will be tailor made so as to gain optimal steam production for the vessel’s fish factory.

PARAT has been receiving  inquiries more often from fishing vessel owners, concerning retrofit boilers and new steam plants for rebuilding fish factories on board. Parat is one of the few boiler manufacturers that are able to customize such assignments to optimize boiler plants according to the customers’ needs. They can also customize the retrofit boiler to have the same measurements to fit the existing space.

Parat Halvorsen, May 10, 2013