Growth for WSS in Asia Pacific Continues Despite General Market Outlook

Growth for WSS in Asia Pacific Continues Despite General Market Outlook

Wilhelmsen Ships Service (WSS) has reported year-on-year growth in South East Asia – despite what WSS Area Director Niall Denholm describes as a ‘stressed market’ for the shipping industry. “Our products and services portfolio is expanding and we see that our business within the region has continued to grow, largely due to the investment we have made across Asia Pac in terms of capability, network offices and staffing”, he says.

Mr. Denholm, who has responsibility for WSS South East Asia says that he and his team observed record numbers of port calls and product sales in 2011 despite harsh economic conditions: “Freight rates are struggling as an over-capacity of tonnage is further hit by global recession. The trend we are seeing is procurement departments purchasing essential ‘must have’ consumables, which has had a knock-on effect on the profile of fast and slow moving stock in our warehouse and logistics operations”.

Speaking ahead of tomorrow’s Asia Pacific Maritime event which takes place in Singapore, Mr Denholm also commented on the cruise industry: “The general cruise sector in Asia is picking up and we now get more calls across the area. We expect this will increase when Singapore’s new International Cruise Terminal at Marina Bay Sands is operational and more and larger vessels calling in at this port”.

Mr Denholm continued: “We are also seeing an increase in coal and mineral liftings excluding SE Asia. The offshore business is already strong in Singapore and we expect to see additional opportunities for Vietnam and Thailand. So, the outlook for Asia Pacific is looking generally positive. However; with bunker prices currently at approx $750/t and the drive to cut fuel costs already in progress, we should expect slow steaming in the dry and wet trade sectors. In addition, a number of operators are looking at regular hull cleaning in attempts to reduce fuel consumption”.

So what for WSS throughout the region in 2012? Mr Denholm suspects that growth will be sustained, although perhaps not at the same rate as 2011. “In general, the Port of Singapore remains a busy international hub, with around 1,000 vessels within port boundaries at any one time, and a ship movement in or out of port every 2-3 minutes. Although prospects for SE Asia are good, it is expected that at some stage, further tonnage will need to be taken off line (recycled or laid up). Asian economies are growing, and more European-based companies are moving into this region, not just due to cost pressures, but also to increase their presence in this region”.  Mr Denholm concludes that WSS is no exception to this, with expansion likely to continue over the next few years across Asia Pacific and extensions of offerings within WSS’s core activities of Ships Agency services, Marine Chemicals, Safety and Marine Products and Logistics.

Asia Pacific Maritime takes place at the Marina Bay Sands Expo Centre from 14-16 March.  Senior executives and product experts from Wilhelmsen Ships Service will be available to talk to customers, answer questions and share ideas and plans for the region moving into 2013.


Source: WSS, March 13, 2012