GSP Offshore, IT International Telecom to Jointly Provide Submarine Cable Installation Services

IT International Telecom

GSP Offshore and IT International Telecom will combine their experiences to execute projects utilizing both companies’ assets and core competencies in order to provide the Global Subsea Market with Subsea Cable Engineering, Installation, Trenching, Transportation and Maintenance Solutions.

Mr. Gabriel Comanescu, GSP’s CEO and Chairman of the Board, declared: “GSP Offshore is determined to continue its strategic growth. The partnership with IT International Telecom continues GSP’s strategy of diversifying the services offered to meet the Submarine Cable Installation Market demands. We are committed to making this partnership successful for both parties by consistently exceeding project requirements and client expectations.”

Mr. John W. Graham, CO-CEO, IT International Telecom: “We have a great consideration for GSP’s offshore operations portfolio and have great expectations related to this partnership that we consider strategic. IT International Telecom in partnership with GSP Offshore will provide services of utmost reliability, and given the technical and financial solutions provided by our companies will help us both reach a larger number of clients worldwide!”

Press Release, February 27, 2013; Image: IT International Telecom