GTT receives €4.66M for CO2 capture system design for MerVent 2025

As part of the MerVent 2025 project, French LNG containment specialist GTT has received €4.66 million in funding from a French public investment bank Bpifrance for the design of an onboard CO2 capture system and for the development of intelligent operational performance solutions.

Illustration / Courtesy of GTT / Zéphyr and Borée
Illustration / Courtesy of GTT / Zéphyr & Borée

Within the framework of the project, GTT said it is developing an on-board capture technology solution that will capture at least 30% of the CO2 emissions of the alternative fuel being considered (LNG, methanol, e-GNL and bioGNL), contributing to the objective of reducing CO2 emissions by at least 50% for this type of vessel.

The objective of the MerVent 2025 project is to design, build, and operate, by 2025, the first commercial container ship with hybrid wind-assisted and synthetic fuel propulsion.

The project’s consortium includes the ship owner Zéphyr & Borée, CWS, designer and manufacturer of the wing-sails, the Centrale Nantes University with its research teams specialised in energy optimisation, OSE Engineering, a subsidiary of the GTT group, for the design of intelligent operational performance solutions, and GTT for the design of a CO2 capture system on board.

Philippe Berterottière, Chairman and CEO of GTT, said: “This design of a commercial container ship with hybrid wind-assisted propulsion and synthetic fuel is the forerunner of a new generation of carbon-free merchant ships thanks to a highly innovative ship design, a hybrid propulsion, and an on-board CO2 capture system adapted to the alternative fuels currently being considered by the shipping industry.”

“We are proud to bring the know-how and experience of the GTT group to the development of a low environmental impact container ship. Our digital intelligence subsidiary, OSE Engineering, will also play an essential role in this project, enabling the operational optimisation of the ship’s various propulsion systems.”

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