Photo: Courtesy of Shentzhen Gas

GTT scores tank design order for Chinese LNG carrier

French liquefied natural gas containment specialist GTT has been contracted to design the tank for a Chinese mid-scale LNG carrier.

GTT scores tank design order for Chinese LNG carrier
Courtesy of Shentzhen Gas

The order was placed by the Chinese Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding yard.

The yard is building the LNG tanker for its compatriot, Shenzhen Gas Corporation.

The vessel will have a cargo capacity of 79,960 cubic meters of LNG. It will be fitted with the NO96 L03+ membrane containment system, a technology developed by GTT.

The vessel is scheduled for delivery in January 2023.

Shenzhen Gas placed the order for the mid-scale LNG carrier at the end of March. The order has a price tag of $140 million with the vessel’s construction set to start this month.

According to Shenzhen, the vessel will be the largest shallow-water LNG tanker and will be suitable for river-sea transportation.