GTT subcontracts Ponant’s LNG-powered exploration vessel tank build to DSEC

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GTT subcontracts Ponant's LNG-powered exploration vessel tank build to DSEC
Image courtesy of DSEC

French LNG containment system specialist GTT has partnered up with South Korean DSEC for the LNG tank construction for a polar exploration vessel to be built at the Norwegian shipyard VARD. 

GTT, as main contractor, will be responsible for the project studies, procurement, supervision, maintenance and related services in order to bring the best expertise to the client, while DSEC will be in charge of the containment system installation and construction.

The vessel named Le Commandant Charcot, being built for the France-based operator Ponant, is intended for expeditions of duration from 2 weeks to 1 month.

Thanks to its two tanks of a total capacity of 4,500 cubic meters, the ship will be capable of making its entire round-trip using LNG.

Ponant said in an earlier statement that the delivery of the vessel is scheduled for 2021.

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