Photo: Courtesy of GTT

GTT to design 2 very large LNG storage tanks for China

French LNG containment specialist GTT has received an order for the design of two very large Membrane Full Containment LNG storage tanks from China Chengda Engineering.

GTT to design 2 very large LNG storage tanks for China
Courtesy of GTT

Each of the two ordered latest generation membrane storage tanks has a net capacity of 220,000 cubic metres and is fitting with GST technology, developed by GTT.

Chengda’s order is part of the new cooperation agreement related to the Tianjin Nangang LNG terminal, signed in March 2021 between BGG and GTT. It relates to the Phase III of the project.

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The two tanks will be delivered in the second quarter of 2024 in the Tianjin south port Industrial Zone in China.

Chairman and CEO of GTT Philippe Berterottière said: “This order for two more LNG storage tanks further confirms that GTT’s Membrane full containment technology is becoming a reference solution for LNG land storage tanks due to its efficiency, competitiveness, safety and low environmental footprint.”