Gurame SE-1XST Well Coring to Commence (Indonesia)

Gurame SE-1XST Well Coring to Commence (Indonesia)

MEO Australia Limited advises the following update in relation to the Gurame SE-1X well being drilled offshore North Sumatra in the Seruway PSC using the Hercules #208 drilling rig.

Since the last report, 95/8″ casing has been run and cemented to 2,677mMDRT. After pressure testing of Blow-out Preventers and the 95/8″ casing, 8½” hole was drilled to 2,794mMDRT. Mudlog gas shows were observed to increase over the interval from 2,776mMDRT to 2,794mMDRT in the Baong sands.

In response to these gas shows, a 30m full-hole conventional core has been planned from 2,794mMDRT. At 2400 hours (Jakarta time) on 4th November operations were in progress to commence coring.

Progress since last report: – Ran and cemented 95/8″ casing to 2,677mMDRT

– Drilled 8½” hole to 2,794mMDRT Present Operation (at 2400hrs Jakarta time, 4th November)

– Preparing to cut 30m core from 2,794mMDRT Outlook

– Complete coring and drill 8½” hole to base of Baong sands


Press Release, November 05, 2012

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