GustoMSC launches new deepwater drillship design


GustoMSC, a Dutch company providing engineering and design services for international offshore energy companies, has unveiled its new Scylax drillship design.

GustoMSC said on Tuesday that Scylax was designed to make developments available in the mid to deepwater market by providing fit-for-purpose capabilities.

The company added that even though ultra-deepwater units feature ever increasing hook loads and capacities, these requirements can be reduced for many wells in deepwater regions.

The Scylax design is based on these rationalized requirements which GustoMSC believes will allow for different choices to be made in the design while reducing building and operating costs.

Scylax provides deepwater drilling in a compact design based on a single derrick or drilling mast set-up with offline stand building, dual BOPs, up to 10,000 feet water depth capability and ample capacity mud systems.

The company claims that drilling equipment packages of all major manufacturers can be readily integrated into the design. Maximized usable deck areas resulting from integrated design and dedicated use, in-hull riser storage and in-hull mud and bulk systems and protected walkways are some of the signature GustoMSC design features found on the Scylax.

The name originates from Scylax of Caryanda, a Greek explorer sent to explore the Middle East and the Indian Ocean.

The 178.8 meter-long and 37.4 meter-wide Sclyax will be able to achieve a transit speed of 13 knots. It will also have a deck space of 5,600 square meters and a variable load of 15,000 tonnes.

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