Hallin Marine’s Compact Semi-Submersible Vessel Launched in Indonesia

Hallin Marine's Compact Semi-Submersible Vessel Launched in Indonesia

Drydocks World, a Dubai-based international player in ship repair, conversion and new building, announced the launch of the State-of-the-art Compact Semi-Submersible Vessel CSS Derwent from its dedicated new-build facility in Nanindah, Indonesia.

The vessel was constructed for integrated sub-sea services provider, Hallin Marine. It will be ready for operation in Q1 2013.

The 85m vessel is built to provide exceptional sea keeping characteristics, increased deck space and provide good project load carrying capacity. It has two Moon Pools, which facilitate the launch and recovery of remotely-operated vehicles and the safe deployment of subsea equipment, a 160 T modular handling system and 150T active heave compensated crane, accommodation for 152 personnel and the 1300m 2 operational deck space comparable to a 120-metre mono-hull vessel. The diesel electric CSS, classed as MODU by American Bureau of Shipping, is equipped with four fixed-pitch Azimuth thruster units and has full DP-3 capability, which enables automatic(dynamic) as well as manual positioning and heading control in harsh environmental conditions, and has a multiple inherent fail-safe capability.

“We are indeed delighted to have highly-developed capabilities to produce sophisticated vessels providing multiple subsea services that are economically viable and are much more environment-friendly. Our technical expertise and experience has evolved in the area of building high-end offshore subsea support vessels for the oil and gas industry and we are keen to further build on our strengths by exploring all possible avenues in creating new builds to support the offshore oil, gas and energy,” said Khamis Juma Buamim, Chairman of Drydocks World and Maritime World.

Designed by STX Canada Marine Inc, the CSS vessel has a semi-submersible hull making it a cost-effective alternative to large diving support vessels (DSV) and traditional semi-submersibles in providing subsea services as well as light well interventions operation.

“CSS Derwent is a further example of Hallin’s commitment to provide innovative solutions to the offshore subsea services sector,” comments Hallin Marine’s Founder and Group CEO John Giddens.With accommodation for up to 152 personnel, she is a multi-service vessel built for complex subsea operations and work scopes that cross a wide spectrum of duties including construction support, IRM and light/medium well intervention.”

He added: “CSS Derwent meets the challenges of safe deck handling with a 160 metric tonne active-heave-compensated guided Modular Handling System and a 150 tonne crane capable of working at water depths of 3,000 metres, supported by dedicated 120 tonne pallet and skidding system. She is fully prepared for subsea construction operations such as the installation of subsea trees, manifolds, flowlines, umbilicals and subsea structures as well as providing support to existing fields with inspection maintenance and repair services.”

Offshore Energy Today Staff, June 6, 2012