Harvey bucking spot-work only trend with another deal

U.S. offshore vessel owner Harvey Gulf International Marine has scored another long-term contract, after notching four charters for its previously stacked fast supply vessel.

The company on Tuesday said it secured a charter extension for the multi-purpose support vessel Harvey Deep-Sea through December 31, 2018.

To remind the company has recently announced four long-term vessel charters for the MPSV Harvey Intervention, 175′ FSV Harvey Hustler, 180′ FSV Harvey Runner and 220′ FSV Harvey Express.

Boasting the latest contract awards, Harvey Gulf said it “continues to buck the “spot-work” only trend that has been pervasive throughout the ongoing industry downturn for vessel operators.”

As for the latest contract award, the Harvey Deep-Sea is a Multi-Purpose Support Vessel equipped with a 165-ton NOV heave-compensated, knuckle boom crane, 15x18ft moon pool, S92 Helideck, and has capacity for 2 ROV’s and 70 persons on board. It is also equipped with liquid mud and dry bulk tanks for traditional OSV operations and has Enviro+ and Green Passport certifications.

Harvey Gulf CEO, Shane Guidry, said: “The extension of the Deep Sea’s charter through December 2018 further reinforces Harvey Gulf’s model of designing vessels for our customers’ needs and demonstrating operational excellence through minimal downtime, continually achieving our “Goal Zero” safety record, and protecting the environment. The result is that our customers want to keep our vessels.”