Havyard Group Invests in New Administration Building

Havyard Group Invests in New Administration Building

Havyard Group’s board has decided to construct a brand new administration building at the group`s shipyard in Leirvik in Sogn, Norway. The new administration building is planned for completion by late summer next year and will cost just over NOK 20 million.

Like other shipyards in the high-cost country of Norway, Havyard`s shipyard in Leirvik has changed its strategy and specializes in outfitting, testing and completion based on hulls made in low-cost countries. Work intensive tasks are carried out abroad and jobs that demand special expertise are done at home.

In addition to cost reduction, another advantage to this method is construction of more ships. The current level of capacity is 6 to 8 vessels a year, depending on type of vessel and size.

The growth of employees within project management, technical and administration has so far been met mainly by using provisional solutions such as office barracks and similar. This has led to large physical distances between the various departments at the shipyard, something which is not efficient in terms of the interaction that the organization of a top modern shipyard demands.

In order to adapt to an already major increase of activity, and to prepare for further growth, Havyard has decided to construct a new, top modern administration building where the functions that naturally belong together will be located. The building is also prepared for further growth with the future possibility of constructing another floor on top.

Havyard Group Invests in New Administration Building

Norway is a high-cost country and the vessels we deliver are amongst the most advanced and most expensive in the world. As a consequence, they must also be the best in the world“, says Yard Director Trygve Solaas.In order to deliver the best product, we need to be the cleverest in controlling our projects, both in terms of what goes on abroad and also what happens here at the shipyard. We have great experience and good systems in place for controlling complicated projects, and we need to have the best people working on these projects.”

“We focus heavily on getting the best qualified and the most motivated co-workers in the industry. To succeed with that, we must ensure that we can offer the best working conditions and prerequisites for efficient interaction. Good project control through efficient interaction within all segments is the key for success; which is to deliver top quality for the customer both on time and budget.”

This is great news for the employees at the shipyard. It will now become easier to cooperate and most of us will get a new and more modern place of work. This also sends out a strong signal, also in terms of recruitment proving that Havyard focuses on shipbuilding in Norway, and that it will be an area of commitment for the future. We believe our employees will enjoy their new offices”, concludes a pleased Yard Director.


Press Release, November 5, 2013