HD KSOE gets LR’s greenlight for ammonia fuel supply system

Classification society Lloyd’s Register (LR) has granted Approval in Principle (AiP) to HD Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering (HD KSOE) for its ammonia fuel supply system.

Lloyd’s Register

As informed, the technology will be used on ammonia new constructions. The approval certifies the fuel supply system against LR’s rigorous risk-based certification (RBC-1) process and marks the conclusion of a joint development project (JDP) between LR and HD KSOE, which began in April 2024.

The primary objective of the JDP was to develop and refine the design concept of an ammonia fuel supply system for ammonia-fueled vessels.

The AiP represents the substantial step that LR and HD KSOE have taken towards pioneering innovative solutions for emission reduction in the maritime industry, according to LR.

Moreover, the newly developed ammonia fuel supply system shows complete compatibility with high-efficiency cargo handling systems and ammonia engines, LR added.

“This approval in principle represents another significant step for developing the technology required for shipowners and operators’ adoption of ammonia, one of the primary candidate fuels for the maritime energy transition. We are pleased to continue our strong working relationship with HD KSOE through this joint project that will provide a valuable solution for ammonia propelled ships,” Young-Doo Kim, Global Technical Support Office Representative for Korea, Lloyd’s Register said.

Ammonia, with its capacity to meet the rising demand for emission-reduction solutions, represents a promising alternative fuel for the maritime industry.

This fuel supply system addresses the pressing need for sustainable fuel solutions, significantly contributing to efforts aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the global fleet.

“Ammonia is a zero-carbon fuel that is attracting great attention in terms of economics and supply stability. HD Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering will lead the field of eco-friendly equipment and materials to take the lead in commercializing ammonia in 2025,” Young-jun Nam, Vice Present & COO of HD KSOE stated.

HD KSOE recently unveiled an integrated scrubber technology for ammonia-powered ships. According to HD KSOE, the integrated scrubber is an eco-friendly technology that absorbs emitted ammonia on two separate occasions, reducing emissions to nearly zero.

The South Korean shipbuilder also introduced an AI system for ship management and a remote drone system.

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