HD KSOE, partners embark on joint project to reduce GHG emissions

South Korean shipbuilding major HD Korea Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (HD KSOE) has signed an agreement with compatriot Korea East-West Power and Korean small and medium businesses (SMEs) to develop a joint project aimed at reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the shipping industry.


As informed, the collaboration will see the partners working on maximizing energy efficiency in the workplace by replacing existing air compressors used by partner companies with high-efficiency equipment. It is expected that replacing one equipment will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 30 to 60 tons per year. 

To this end, HD Korea Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, together with Korea East-West Power, supported facility replacement and maintenance/repair activities for small and medium-sized partners across its division. The group’s subsidiaries include HD Hyundai Heavy Industries, HD Hyundai Mipo, and HD Hyundai Samho.

Under the deal, the companies will provide carbon emissions measurement and management solutions to help small and medium-sized partners who have difficulty establishing a dedicated ESG organization manage energy efficiently. 

“ESG is the core of our strategy, pushing us towards Korea’s emission goals,” said Kim Sung-jun, CEO of HD Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering.

“We hope that this cooperation project can become a win-win model for achieving the national greenhouse gas emissions reduction goal.”

The agreement was signed at HD Hyundai Global R&D Center.