Heavy Lifters Boost Port of Dundee Renewables Offering

ALE has expanded its heavylifting services by establishing a non-disclosure agreement with the Port of Dundee and OM Heavy Lift to provide the full service of port operations for renewable energy sector.

Chris Taylor, Commercial Director for ALE, said: “The Port of Dundee is becoming an increasingly bigger player in the offshore markets and, by promoting our services together, we can really optimise these opportunities and provide a fully integrated service to our clients.”

ALE will be working alongside OM Heavy Lift, a subsidary of OilMac who recently bought ALE’s Gottwald MK1500 crane, with the use of their heavy crane, and the port, who currently work with offshore wind and decommissioning clients in the North Sea, to provide a more complete heavy lifting and port handling scope of work to the renewables market.

“We’re anticipating our heavy crane capability to be a significant attraction for offshore wind developments. The Gottwald MK1500 is a vital asset for future offshore wind and decommissioning projects in Dundee and will propel our business in the medium term, and beyond,” Alex Fyfe, managing director at OM Heavy Lift, said.

The three companies are said to be ideally suited to combine their assets and provide the storage as well as port handling of offshore modules.

David Webster, Port Manager at the Port of Dundee, said: “A permanent crane removes mobilisation charges, which is important in a competitive market. We place significant emphasis upon the decommissioning and renewables construction capabilities of at the Port of Dundee, and it becomes ever more attractive in this field as OM Heavy Lift’s Gottwald MK1500 and Olympus cranes mitigate those cranage costs.”

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